Sclerotherapy (the injection of problematic veins) can be performed as an effective means of removing unsightly varicose veins and spider veins. The treatment is a walk-in, walk-out procedurewith no need for a hospital stay or general anaesthetic and there is no surgical scarring. Patients experience minimal, if any, discomfort and are able to return to normal duties immediately. The treatments are largely covered by Medicare.

The doctors at Vein Health Medical Clinic are specifically trained in ultrasound diagnosis and varicose vein management. The procedures include ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (injecting problematic veins with the assistance of an ultrasound machine) and endovenous laser treatment (passing a laser fibre into the vein and obliterating the vein from within). Veins of any size – in men and women – can be treated. Vein Health Medical Clinic is located at Collins Place Professional Suites, Suite 10, 45 Collins Street, Melbourne. Ph: 1300 281 339 or visit