In the lead up to the UIP International Vein Conference in Melbourne in 2018, our own Dr Peter Paraskevas was honoured to present to doctors and vein specialists at the 2017 Advanced Phlebology Workshop. After his lecture, he presented a patient with varicose veins. Using radiofrequency ablation, he demonstrated the treatment which uses radiofrequency energy to heat the vein wall, permanently sealing the damaged vein.


Through a small incision (a couple of millimetres) a catheter is placed inside the vein and guided to the treatment area by ultrasound. The release of radiofrequency energy from the tip of the fibre, produces a thermal reaction in the vein wall along the treated section. The vein wall collapses and will be absorbed into the body. There is minimal discomfort and this is a walk-in, walk-out procedure.


Dr Paraskevas also performed direct vision sclerotherapy on a patient with concerns about cosmetic veins. Direct vision sclerotherapy is carried out on small surface veins and spider veins. A tiny needle is used to inject sclerosant solution into the problem veins. The vein will then collapse, harden and be absorbed back into the body. Many veins may be injected during the procedure, but patients report minimal pain, comparing it to mosquito bites and a stinging sensation for a minute or so.

Dr Paraskevas’ approach to vein treatment brings together the latest and safest non-surgical techniques.