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Removing varicose veins: Do you need them?


If you’ve considered having your problem varicose or spider veins treated, you may have read that all the treatments result in the vein being essentially blocked off and removed, causing blood to be rerouted elsewhere.

Man Vs Varicose Veins: How do Varicose Veins Affect Men?

blog-manvsvv-thDo Men Get Varicose Veins? Lots of people think varicose veins only affect middle-aged women but men get them too! Up to 30% of people are affected by varicose veins – both men and women. A strong family history is a good indication that you may suffer from varicose veins. They may worsen with occupations that require prolonged standing.

Yoga and Varicose Veins: Does Yoga Help?

yogo-vv-thYoga can be an effective relaxation and fitness technique; it’s a fantastic habit to get into. But have you heard people say it’s ideal for “treating” varicose veins? We’ve heard that too. Varicose veins occur when there is a failure of the one-way valves inside your veins.

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