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Information for New Patients

A complete and thorough assessment of your varicose veins is made at your first consultation so that we are fully informed before we make any diagnosis or treatment plan for you.

To make an appointment for an initial assessment, please contact us or call 1300 281 339.

Our helpful reception staff will discuss all the important aspects of your initial consultation and will send out an information pack which contains the following:

  1. An information brochure – which provides details of our clinic and the services we provide;
  2. A patient questionnaire, which must be completed at home and brought in with you at the initial consultation;
  3. An outline of the fee structure for the initial consultation;
  4. Car parking Instructions

The first visit - what happens at the first consultation?

The Initial Consultation is divided into two sections:

  1. Duplex Ultrasound Examination
  2. Comprehensive Consultation with the treating Doctor

The doctor will assess your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination with close attention to your areas of concern. Clinical photographs of the areas of concern will be obtained for your medical file.

Clinical examination alone may be insufficient, so patients will require a specialised ultrasound scan on the legs to determine the source of the vein problem with extreme accuracy.

This very detailed “Duplex Ultrasound” examination will be performed by the Phlebologist or the specialised Vascular Sonographer. It usually takes 30-45 minutes and will outline all the abnormal veins in the affected leg(s).

Duplex Ultrasound is completely safe. It is widely used in various medical fields such as in obstetrics and breast cancer screening. It utilises sound waves to indicate the presence of any underlying venous abnormalities.

Once all the information is collected your treating doctor will explain the findings along with the required treatment protocol. A complete discussion regarding possible complications will also be provided. A comprehensive information document will be discussed and provided for your reference.

There will be adequate time allocated for any questions or queries.

Finally, an itemised costing for the proposed treatment plan will be discussed with you.

Disclaimer: The Vein Health website features genuine before and after photos of successful vein treatment. However, Vein Health makes no guarantee of specific treatment results, as results may vary from patient to patient.


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