The symptoms of varicose veins are only cosmetic – large, bluish veins that bulge or bubble at the skin surface, mainly on the legs.

TRUTH: While this is indeed what varicose veins look like, sometimes they aren’t even visible at all. In truth, the symptoms are far reaching and can be debilitating such as aching, heavy and tired legs, burning, itching, throbbing, night cramps, restless legs, ankle swelling, skin pigmentation, eczema and ulceration. Learn more about varicose veins »


Removing varicose veins involves painful surgery and weeks off work.

The good news today is that most varicose vein issues can be treated non-surgically with new technology, with patients walking in and out after only 30 minutes of treatment. These treatments are effective and have high success rates, so there’s no need to embark on scary procedures such as vein stripping in hospital, having an anesthetic, risking potential scarring, and having to take weeks off work, with the possibility of the veins reappearing soon after.

All patients at vein health Medical clinic undergo a comprehensive diagnostic process and careful follow up after treatment, to ensure the best results possible.

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