With VenaSeal, medical grade glue, is placed within the diseased vein using a small catheter. VenaSeal effectively glues the vein wall together within seconds. Over the coming hours, the treated vein will permanently harden over and eventually undergo absorption by the body over several months. The VenaSeal procedure takes between 15-20 minutes and is carried out strictly under local anaesthetic.

Results from recent trials have shown that VenaSeal is as effective as Endovenous Laser and Radiofrequency Ablation within the short to medium term. More importantly however, VenaSeal does not require the use of heat energy, which essentially means the entire procedure can be carried out with one small injection of local anaesthetic.

One of the other advantages of the procedure is that stockings are not required following the treatment. This makes it a user friendly, year round treatment.

It is important to note that medical glue has been used in many other areas of medicine for over 5 decades and has been proven to be effective.

Dr Rod Raabe, a renowned Interventional Radiologist was once quoted as saying: “If we can glue High Flow Cerebral Arterio-Venous Malformations, why can’t we glue Low Flow Varicose Veins?”

For further information, please refer to our Treatment Section on VenaSeal.