Insights from the 24th ACP Scientific Meeting in Fiji

by | May 29, 2024

Reflecting on the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian College of Phlebology in Fiji

Dr. Peter Paraskevas recently returned from an enriching experience at the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP) held in the picturesque landscape of Fiji. This event marked another milestone in his ongoing commitment to advancing the field of phlebology and vein care.

The meeting served as a platform for knowledge exchange and hands-on learning, particularly through the lecture series tailored for Registrars and Trainee Doctors from Australia and New Zealand. Dr. Paraskevas, a respected Fellow of the College and an Executive Board Member, took center stage in discussions emphasizing the critical aspects of patient history taking and ultrasound examination.

“Engaging with the registrars and sharing insights on ultrasound diagnostics was immensely fulfilling. It’s about laying the groundwork for the next generation of vein care specialists,” said  Dr. Peter Paraskevas

A significant component of the conference was dedicated to hands-on ultrasound examinations with patients from Fiji, grappling with Chronic Venous Disease and Venous Ulcers. This not only offered a unique learning opportunity for the attendees but also highlighted the real-world impacts of venous conditions on patients’ lives.

“Seeing the immediate effects of chronic venous diseases on our patients in Fiji underscored the importance of our work and the difference we can make. It was a powerful reminder of why we do what we do,”  said Dr. Peter Paraskevas.

One of the event’s highlights for Dr. Paraskevas was the voluntary mission to assist Fiji’an patients. This effort not only provided practical benefits to those in need but also enriched the learning experience for all involved.

“Helping the people of Fiji directly, and discussing patient care strategies with the future leaders in our field, was incredibly rewarding. It’s these interactions that drive home the importance of our work beyond the clinic,” said Dr. Peter Paraskevas

A man in academic regalia stands with two men in traditional attire holding cultural items, smiling for a photograph.

Dr Paraskevas ready for the Academic Procession.

The conference was graced by an Honorary Speaker, a local Fijian surgeon, who shared the unique challenges faced by medical professionals in Fiji. This speech added a valuable perspective to the discussions, highlighting the diverse healthcare landscapes across the Pacific region.

The conference also celebrated the achievements of doctors moving forward in their phlebology careers during the Conferring Ceremony. As a Fellow and Board Member, Dr. Paraskevas participated in the Academic Procession, a tradition that underscores the academic excellence and commitment to professional development within the ACP.

The 24th ASM of the ACP in Fiji was more than a conference; it was a testament to the global community’s commitment to improving vein health. Dr. Paraskevas’s participation and contribution reinforced his dedication to enhancing patient care through education, collaboration, and direct action.

“This year’s ASM was a reminder of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in phlebology. I’m inspired by the shared dedication to advancing our field and improving patient outcomes worldwide,” said Dr. Paraskevas

As we reflect on the insights and experiences garnered from this year’s meeting, it’s clear that the journey towards better vein health continues, fueled by the passion and expertise of professionals in this field.


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