Headine: Varicose vein relief

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A NEW medical-grade adhesive treatment that can close unsightly varicose veins in less than 20 minutes is now available as the latest treatment by using a “superglue”, says Dr Peter Paraskevas, of Vein Health Medical & Cosmetic.

The practice is located the CBD.

Dr Paraskevas said varicose veins occurred when veins lost elasticity, interrupting blood flow and resulting in the swelling and twisting of the veins.

“In the treatment, a medical-grade adhesive, a superglue known as VenaSeal, is inected into the affected veins via a small catheter to efficiently and painlessly rid patients of the problem. It will take time for the varicose vein to totally disappear but patients will immediately see the benefits,” he said.

In the procedure, a small area of the patient’s lef is numbed before a slim catheter is inserted to enable the medical-grade superglue to be injected into the damaged blood vessel.

Then a little external pressure is applied and the varicose vein is simply glued shut.

The procedure already has a 97 percent success rate and patients are awake throughout.

The patients are generally back on their feet, ready to resume their normal activities, in 20 minutes.